Monday, December 12, 2011

Hope for the weary mom

I just read an incredible ebook called "Hope for the Weary Mom". It was so uplifting and it is so good to know that we are not alone in our feelings of hopelessness on this journey of motherhood. If you are like me then you pour yourself into your children in countless ways and at the end of the day everything is still not finished. That saying, "there is no rest for the weary" has just been proven wrong by this book. We can have rest. The best kind of rest. It is the rest that comes from being refreshed by the Lord in His Word and through prayer.

There are two ways two order this book. One is free~ click here for the free version or you can get it on Amazon Kindle for $.99 cents.

Monday, December 5, 2011

What is a leader?

We are constantly telling our boys that they are leaders. The other day we asked them who they thought were leaders in their life and I wrote them down. The list ranged from young to old. After that we asked them to name one thing that makes that person a good leader in their eyes. Here is the list:

Doesn't yell
Listens to authority
Gives instruction
Puts God before everything
He doesn't smoke
Trusts in God
Listens to his parents
Puts others before himself
He puts God before himself
Not afraid to give honor to God
Lives the right way
Relies completely on God
Does the right thing even when know one is looking
Sets healthy boundaries
Makes family a priority

After we made this list I said to each of them "YOU are kind, YOU are loving, YOU ..." all the way down the list. I think it is important for my boys to know that being a leader is going to look different for each of them because of their personalities, but there are standards that good leaders live by that make them the same. We are all raising leaders. We need to nurture that in them. Some may lead in front and some may lead from behind. Some are quiet and some are loud. The mightiest leader of all is the humble man who seeks after God's own heart.